Ayako Handa (Nagauta)
Currently, we are doing that bitter Nagauta There is also the influence of the mother, but it is the young people of 28 years old normal. And their age-appropriate, and my aunt's, my children. I think and hope to cherish that through the blog, I felt at that time for self-searching do not know myself yet.
Mikifuu Hanayagi (Dance)
Mikifuu Hanayagi (Dance)
Around the classic work, in a variety of places and sometimes, while such collaboration with a variety of dance and music of various genres, and we have! Chasing a dream with a wide range of activities
Maiko Sakata (Shamisen)
This is the blog of Sakata Maiko that activity as Nagauta shamisen musician. We thought that the blog how the concert and practice of day-to-day, splendor of the shamisen is if Tsutaware to many people. There will be happy if you can watch a warm kindly eyes every day, because it will vegetarian.
Sakurako Sato (Shamisen)
Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, is a master's degree graduation shamisen musicians Sato Sakurako! It is a 25-year-old pursue the dream of professional Nagauta shamisen from a young age! I am spelling everyday events.
Kiho Manabe (Nakauta)
I'm studying the music of Nagauta.